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General Terms

Welcome to Abigail Best Electrolysis

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Age Restrictions

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Inaccurate / Fraudulent Information

You are responsible for ensuring that any information you provide through this website or at any consultation/treatment on the business premises or via another form of communication is accurate, current and complete. We will not be liable if you provide false, fraudulent, incomplete or inaccurate information. If you are found to have given false, fraudulent, incomplete or inaccurate information and any liabilities are caused as a result of this, you will be responsible for any costs or expenses, including legal fees that the owner of this website, suppliers or any third parties incur. You will also be liable if someone else uses your personal information unless you can prove it was fraudulent.

Copy Rights

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If you believe that I have infringed any rights including copyright you can contact me at abby.best@btinternet.com

Pricing / Payments

Treatment prices can change at any time and it is up to you to check the prices regularly before receiving any treatment as you will be expected to pay the price listed on this website.

All consultation costs must be paid within 24 hours of booking to confirm the booking or it will be automatically cancelled.

All treatment costs must be paid in full either before, or at the treatment appointment.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or cash transfer, ( cash transfer should be completed 24 hours before your appointment). If the cash transfer does not reach the bank account of Abigail Best Electrolysis in time you will be expected to pay the treatment price in full at the time of your appointment. A refund will be given once the cash transfer has reached the relevant bank account.

Courses of treatment

Courses can be booked for any treatment on the price list. A course of 6 treatments will receive an approx 10% discount. A course of 12 treatments will receive an approx 15% discount.

The total cost of the course must be paid for upfront at the first appointment or you will be charged the full amount for any treatment received without any discount and it will not be included as part of a course of treatment.

If weekly bookings are required as part of the treatment course it is advisable to book them all in at the start of a course of treatment to guarantee the most suitable appointment times or a regular appointment time on the same day each week. If this is not done Abigail Best Electrolysis can not guarantee that you will be able to get a regular day or time for your treatment each week.

NHS Referrals 

NHS-referred clients do not need to pay for their consultation or funded treatment. it is the responsibility of Abigail Best to claim this directly.


Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment and inform Abigail Best via text or phone call of your arrival.

Please be on time or your treatment may need to be cut short to fit the remaining time available so Abigail Best does not run late for the next appointment. You will be expected to pay the full price of the treatment even if it is necessary to cut the treatment short.

If you are new to Abigail Best Electrolysis, a full consultation will be necessary before any treatment can commence to ensure it is safe to carry out the treatments requested. Please see our privacy policy to find out more about the information gathered during this consultation.

It is the client's responsibility to inform Abigail Best of any changes in health or circumstances that may affect the treatment/s being given at the appointment booked.

Abigail Best operates a zero-tolerance policy to any form of physical or verbal abuse or any unacceptable behaviour via any form of communication or whilst on the business premises. Abigail Best reserves the right to cut short and or refuse any further treatment without the right to a refund for that day's appointment or the next appointment if it's within the next 24 hours

NHS funded Clients

Based on the above terms and conditions in this section, if Abigail Best decides to cut short or refuse that day's booking you will lose the funding for that session. If the next appointment is within 24 hours you will lose the funding for that session. 

Abigail Best will inform the relevant NHS department that treatment is being terminated (if deemed necessary), and will explain why.

Your care will be handed back to the NHS and it will be up to them whether you are entitled to the rest of the funded hours that were originally made available to you for you to use with another provider.

Abigail Best Electrolysis is an alcohol and smoking-free salon. No food is to be consumed on the premises.

Unfortunately, children are not allowed on the premises if there is no one to supervise them effectively and they can not be secured in a pram. If Abigail Best deems it unsafe for treatment to go ahead due to a child not being supervised adequately you will still be liable for the full cost of the treatments booked.

Any Electrolysis treatment will only be carried out if a relevant patch test treatment has been carried out at Abigail Best Electrolysis. This is required at least 24 hours before the treatment is required. No exceptions will be made as it is a legal requirement and for your safety.

Cancellations / missed appointments

If you need to cancel an appointment please give a minimum of 24 hours notice or you will be charged the full value of all treatments booked.

If you miss an appointment and do not notify Abigail Best Electrolysis, you will be charged the full value of all treatment booked at that appointment. This will need to be paid prior to booking or receiving any further treatment. If this happens more than once you will be required to pay a deposit before further bookings can be made.

If you are on a course of treatments and you miss an appointment without notifying Abigail Best Electrolysis at least 24 hours before your appointment you will lose the treatment or treatments booked and the missed appointment bookings will be counted as part of your course of treatment and deducted from the course.

If you need to re-arrange an appointment don't hesitate to contact Abigail Best via email at abby.best@btinternet.com,  over the phone on 07929 918 965, or by using the contact us form on this website.

After Care Advice

All clients including NHS-funded clients are required to follow all aftercare advice provided by Abigail Best.

You will be required to purchase aftercare at the time of your first full treatment session. Currently, this is a product called Yi zhi-baume. 

The maximum charge for this item is £18.00.

There may be other skin care products that are recommended to help achieve the best outcome for your treatment but this will be discussed during your consultation. 

These products could include a Moisturiser, Cleanser and Exfoliant, but you are able to get these from places other than this premises.  where necessary.

You will be required to buy relevant aftercare throughout the entire course of your treatment to ensure treatments can be carried out safely. 

Abigail Best can refuse to provide treatment if you do not follow the necessary aftercare advice provided and will not be responsible for any skin damage, permanent or not that may occur as a result if you do not follow or incorrectly follow aftercare advice provided. 

By signing your consultation form and any other paperwork and or proceeding with treatment you agree to follow any aftercare advice provided and purchase relevant aftercare products.

By using this website and receiving treatments/services from Abigail Best Electrolysis or in the event of a dispute you are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the courts of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.