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Abigail offers Permanent electrolysis treatment to all clients including Transgender, pre-GRS treatment and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Client Electrolysis Treatment

Treatment started after previous laser treatment at a different clinic. Treatments were 2 hours long and carried out Weekly. A larger area would have been treated than shown in the images below.

Electrolysis Hair Removal on the Face

3 Weeks after laser treatment. No Electrolysis received yet

image of hairs on the lower face after 1 electrolysis treatment

 After 1 Electrolysis treatment.

image of hairs on the lower face after 2 electrolysis treatments

After 2 Electrolysis treatments. It looks like the hair growth is getting worse but in reality this is regrowth from previous laser treatment.

image of hairs on the lower face after 3 electrolysis treatments

After 3 Electrolysis treatments. You can see the hair is starting to clear already.

image of hairs on the lower face after 7 electrolysis treatments

After 7 Electrolysis treatments. we are already seeing some excellent clearance.

Client Electrolysis Treatment

Progress made in 1 hour Weekly sessions.
Image of Electrolysis Hair Removal on the chin and neck

After 3 Treatments. clearance on the neck and Chin

Image of Electrolysis Hair Removal on the Upper Lip, Chin and Neck

After 4 Treatments. More Clearance on the neck, chin , Upper and lower lip.

Image of Electrolysis Hair Removal on the Upper Lip, Chin and Neck

After 5 Treatments.

Image of Electrolysis Hair Removal on the Upper Lip, Chin and Neck

After 7 Treatments.

Electrolysis Hair Removal on the sides of the Face

After 9 Sessions. Continued Clearance on the central facial area and on the sides of the face from the ear onto the jaw line.

Image of Electrolysis Hair removal on the sides of the face.

After 10 Sessions. Further clearance on the sides of the face and continued treatment on the upper lip and chin to clear any regrowth.


I have been a customer of Abby Best having Electrolyses regularly. I felt instantly at ease due to Abby's knowledge on the subject and she has treated my facial hair with discretion and reduced the problem massively in a short amount of time. My confidence has come back and I now feel back in control.

I would highly recommend Abby as I have used other beauticians in the past who do not have the knowledge and skills required to deal with this delicate matter."

Client in Great Paxton.


I've been seeing Abby for about 3 years for electrolysis on excessive facial hair. In salons I'd previously tried I'd never had a great deal of success. Abby made serious progress from early on and I feel much more relaxed close-up to people, not awkward and embarrassed as I used to before, conscious of my appearance. thankyou so much. xx

D of Cambridgeshire. July 2022


I have been to Abby Best for electrolysis treatment on several occasions. She explained the process and showed me the needle and equipment that was to be used.

Abby adjusted the equipment so that the current was just right for me and that I felt comfortable.

Abby also explained about aftercare for my skin and to date I have had no problems at all.

I would highly recommend Abigail Best for this treatment.
K Salisbury - Great Paxton


 To Abbie

Thankyou so much for all you have done for me these past few years. Before starting electrolysis I had lost all hope and my confidence had hit rock bottom, now I am finally starting to feel more positive and moving forward.

I am so grateful for all your support and what you have done. I could not of asked for a more lovely person for my electrolysis journey, 

Thanks so much

love L - St Neots         February 2023