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Specialist in permanent hair removal

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The Electrolysis Legacy Group is the brainchild of Sharon Birchal and a Qualified Electrolysist who is passionate about the industry. She is supported by Abigail Best  both of whom are dedicated to promoting up-to-date information for members of the public about electrolysis, its effects and how it can help through the ELG/

For Professional Electrolysists and those looking into Electrolysis as a career, the ELG want to help guide your career progression and create a space for you to ask any questions, get advice and more.

The ELG do not provide specific training but by contacting them they can help direct you to reputable training providers.

The Electrolysis Legacy Group (ELG)is a registered association to further educate electrolysis professionals, students and members of the public about permanent hair removal and the treatment of blemishes.

The ELG is here to support you with anything and everything electrolysis, whether it be permanent hair removal or blemish treatment.

They provide:

  • Up-to-date information on what electrolysis is and how it works

  • Advice on who can benefit from electrolysis

  • Advice on how to find qualified practitioners

  • Advice on how to get the best from your electrolysis treatment, from skincare advice to ways to make electrolysis as comfortable as possible.

  • Advice on how to become an Electrolysist yourself, and lots more.

The ELG is here to support students and Professionals on their Electrolysis journey, providing

  • Learning resources, career advice and mentorship

  • Career pathways and future personal development

  • Access to ELG industry workshops and events

  • Advice on reputable industry suppliers and training providers

  • Latest information and advice on all things electrolysis

  • Industry bodies that help set industry standards, and much more.